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What does ELANA Trading’s investment advice service include?  
What are the advantages of using ELANA Trading investment advice?  
Do I get investment advice for free when I am a customer of ELANA Trading?  
In which cases can I request investment advice from ELANA Trading?  
How quickly you can have the service delivered to you by ELANA Trading?  
How do you determine the fee for a specific investment advice?  
Do I get any discounts on using investment advice if I am already ELANA Trading customer?  
Do I get better terms if I use investment advice by ELANA Trading more often?  
For how long should I keep the recommendations in consideration?  
How can you guarantee that the investment advice is addressing my interests and I can benefit from it?  
Am I forced by anything to implement the recommendations I am given?  
Am I allowed to disseminate the contents of the advice to third parties?  

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