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• The service of ELANA Trading represents a personalised investment advice delivering recommendations according to the specific investment and risk profile of the customer.

• The investment advisors of ELANA Trading can provide you with:

- Analysis of individual, sector or group of stocks on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange followed by recommendations for execution of deals that would fit the specifics of the investor;
- Portfolio Assessment;
- Portfolio Structuring; 
- Portfolio Restructuring; 
- Investment advice tailoring your financial instruments to match your unique goals.

• The service of investment advice is designed to address and satisfy the personal interests of traders both on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange and/or the ones being involved in the international markets. Recommendations on restructuring of a portfolio could compile a wide range of financial instruments in order to maximise the  benefits from the global economic trends and industries.

Why come to ELANA Trading for investment advice: 

• You will benefit from in-depth knowledge and experience of our investor advisors who also enjoy a very credible public reputation;

• You will be able to design your personal investment strategy after shaping it through the views and research made by professionals who monitor the local stocks and understand the industries beyond the stock market in various context;

• You will feel the comfort of making a decision for investment after considering all comprehensive information and independent views.

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