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Contents: A weekly overview of the BG stock market with highlights and comment on the market and the most volatile blue chips. Contains also corporate and macro news, the forthcoming events and information for the domestic bond market.

What are the benefits of this report?
  • Comprehensive understanding of the weekly events on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange
  • Clear vision of performance of Bulgarian companies during the week
  • Analysis of the volumes traded
  • Weekly snapshot of companies in focus of the market with the background of their performance
  • News and forthcoming events, bond issuance and interest rates dynamics
Frequency: Every week - Mondays.

Download sample report

DateDocumentDownload PDF
21.11.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
14.11.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
07.11.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
31.10.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
24.10.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
17.10.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
10.10.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
03.10.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
27.09.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
19.09.2019Elana Weekly Wrap-upDownload PDF
12.05.2014Weekly Report 12 May 2014: Positive economic news after the holidaysDownload PDF
28.04.2014Weekly Report 28 April 2014: Forthcomming earnings on spot lightDownload PDF
14.04.2014Weekly Report 14 April 2014: Market correction despite the positive macro dataDownload PDF
07.04.2014Weekly Report 07 April 2014: Positive week but limited demandDownload PDF
31.03.2014Weekly Report 31 March 2014: Flat indices and calm marketDownload PDF
24.03.2014Weekly Report 24 March 2014: Correction amid positive newsDownload PDF
17.03.2014Weekly Report 17 March 2014: First large drop for more than a yearDownload PDF
10.03.2014Weekly Report 10 March 2014: Positive market bias amid geopolitical tensionsDownload PDF
17.02.2014Weekly Report 17 February 2014: SOFIX moved above 580 pointDownload PDF
10.02.2014Weekly Report 10 February 2014: Market gains despite high multiplesDownload PDF
03.02.2014Weekly Report 03 February 2014: The rally is losing supportDownload PDF
27.01.2014Weekly Report 27 January 2014: Investors are supporting pricesDownload PDF
20.01.2014Weekly Report 20 January 2014: ConsolidationDownload PDF
13.01.2014Weekly Report 13 January 2014: Strong start of the yearDownload PDF
16.12.2013Weekly Report 16 December 2013: Year of challengesDownload PDF
09.12.2013Weekly Report 9 December 2013: Reasons for less volatile increaseDownload PDF
02.12.2013Weekly Report 2 December 2013: Improvement of consolidated reportsDownload PDF
25.11.2013Weekly Report 25 November 2013: Volumes declined before consolidated reportsDownload PDF
18.11.2013Weekly Report 18 November 2013: Sopharma is leading the marketDownload PDF
11.11.2013Weekly Report 11 November 2013:Buyers return on the marketDownload PDF
28.10.2013Weekly Report 28 October 2013: Before corporate earningsDownload PDF
21.10.2013Weekly Report 21 October 2013: Little changes of stock pricesDownload PDF
14.10.2013Weekly Report 14 October 2013: Profit-taking on ChimimportDownload PDF
07.10.2013Weekly Report 07 October 2013: Turning pointDownload PDF
30.09.2013Weekly Report 30 September 2013: Positive tone on BSEDownload PDF
16.09.2013Weekly Report 16 September 2013: DeflationDownload PDF
09.09.2013Weekly Report 9 September 2013: Stability on the marketDownload PDF
02.09.2013Weekly Report 2 September 2013: Export-oriented business is improvingDownload PDF
26.08.2013Weekly Report 26 August 2013: The confidence is returningDownload PDF
19.08.2013Weekly Report 19 August 2013: Bank consolidation on focusDownload PDF
12.08.2013Weekly Report 12 August 2013: Cooling down of the economy Download PDF
05.08.2013Weekly Report 05 August 2013:Investors get excited after earnings reports Download PDF
29.07.2013Weekly Report 29 July 2013: Declining interest rates, banking sector’s improvements and upcoming unconsolidated reportsDownload PDF
22.07.2013Weekly Report 22 July 2013: Corporate news and new electricity prices got the market attention.Download PDF
15.07.2013Weekly Report 15 July 2013: Macro data on focus Download PDF
08.07.2013Weekly Report 08 July 2013: Low liquidityDownload PDF
01.07.2013Weekly Report 01 July 2013: Cautious but not worried investorsDownload PDF
24.06.2013Weekly Report 24 June 2013: Political uncertainties and a new wave of discontentment Download PDF
17.06.2013Weekly Report Download PDF
10.06.2013Weekly Report 07 June 2013: The rally is resilientDownload PDF
03.06.2013Weekly Report 31 May 2013Download PDF
23.05.2013Weekly Report 17 May 2013Download PDF
20.05.2013Weekly Report 17 May 2013Download PDF
13.05.2013Weekly Report 10 May 2013Download PDF
29.04.2013Weekly Report 26 April 2013Download PDF
22.04.2013Weekly Report 19 April 2013Download PDF
15.04.2013Weekly Report 12 April 2013Download PDF
08.04.2013Weekly Report 05 April 2013Download PDF
01.04.2013Weekly Report 29 March 2013Download PDF
25.03.2013Weekly Report 15 March 2013Download PDF
18.03.2013Weekly Report 15 March 2013Download PDF
11.03.2013Weekly Report 08 March 2013Download PDF
04.03.2013Weekly Report 01 March 2013Download PDF
25.02.2013Weekly Report 22 February 2013Download PDF
18.02.2013Weekly Report 15 February 2013Download PDF
11.02.2013Weekly Report 08 February 2013Download PDF
04.02.2013Weekly Report 01 February 2013Download PDF
28.01.2013Weekly Report 25 January 2013Download PDF
21.01.2013Weekly Report 18 January 2013Download PDF
14.01.2013Weekly Report 11 January 2013Download PDF
07.01.2013Weekly Report 04 January 2013Download PDF
17.12.2012Weekly Report 14 December 2012Download PDF
10.12.2012Weekly Report 07 December 2012Download PDF
03.12.2012Weekly Report 30 November 2012Download PDF
26.11.2012Weekly Report 23 November 2012Download PDF
19.11.2012Weekly Report 16 November 2012Download PDF
12.11.2012Weekly Report 09 November 2012Download PDF
05.11.2012Weekly Report 02 November 2012Download PDF
29.10.2012Weekly Report 26 October 2012Download PDF
22.10.2012Weekly Report 19 October 2012Download PDF
15.10.2012Weekly Report 12 October 2012Download PDF
08.10.2012Weekly Report 05 October 2012Download PDF
01.10.2012Weekly Report 28 September 2012Download PDF
24.09.2012Weekly Report 21 September 2012Download PDF
17.09.2012Weekly Report 14 September 2012Download PDF
31.08.2012Weekly Report 31 August 2012Download PDF
27.08.2012Weekly Report 24 August 2012Download PDF
20.08.2012Weekly Report 17 August 2012Download PDF
13.08.2012Weekly Report 06 August 2012Download PDF
06.08.2012Weekly Report 03 August 2012Download PDF
30.07.2012Weekly Report 27 July 2012Download PDF
23.07.2012Weekly Report 20 July 2012Download PDF
16.07.2012Weekly Report 13 July 2012Download PDF
09.07.2012Weekly Report 06 July 2012Download PDF
02.07.2012Weekly Report 29 June 2012Download PDF
25.06.2012Weekly Report 22 June 2012Download PDF
18.06.2012Weekly Report 14 June 2012Download PDF
11.06.2012Weekly Report 08 June 2012Download PDF
04.06.2012Weekly Report 01 June 2012Download PDF
14.05.2012Weekly Report 11 May 2012Download PDF
04.05.2012Weekly Report 04 May 2012Download PDF
23.04.2012Weekly Report 20 April 2012Download PDF
09.04.2012Weekly Report 06 April 2012Download PDF
02.04.2012Weekly Report 30 March 2012Download PDF
19.03.2012Weekly Report 16 March 2012Download PDF
05.03.2012Weekly Report 02 March 2012Download PDF
27.02.2012Weekly Report 24 February 2012Download PDF
20.02.2012Weekly Report 17 February 2012Download PDF
13.02.2012Weekly Report 10 February 2012Download PDF
30.01.2012Weekly Report 27 January 2012Download PDF
16.01.2012Weekly Report 13 January 2012Download PDF
09.01.2012Weekly Report 06 January 2012Download PDF
19.12.2011Weekly Report 16 December 2011Download PDF
12.12.2011Weekly Report 09 December 2011Download PDF
05.12.2011Weekly Report 02 December 2011Download PDF
28.11.2011Weekly Report 25 November 2011Download PDF
21.11.2011Weekly Report 18 November 2011Download PDF
14.11.2011Weekly Report 11 November 2011Download PDF
07.11.2011Weekly Report 04 November 2011Download PDF
24.10.2011Weekly Report 21 October 2011Download PDF
17.10.2011Weekly Report 14 October 2011Download PDF
10.10.2011Weekly Report 07 October 2011Download PDF
19.09.2011Weekly Report 16 September 2011Download PDF
29.08.2011Weekly Report 26 August 2011Download PDF
22.08.2011Weekly Report 19 August 2011Download PDF
15.08.2011Weekly Report 12 August 2011Download PDF
08.08.2011Weekly Report 05 August 2011Download PDF
29.07.2011Weekly Report 22 July 2011Download PDF
25.07.2011Weekly Report 22 July 2011Download PDF
18.07.2011Weekly Report 15 July 2011Download PDF
04.07.2011Weekly Report 01 July 2011Download PDF
27.06.2011Weekly Report 24 June 2011Download PDF
16.05.2011Weekly Report 13 May 2011Download PDF
09.05.2011Weekly Report 05 May 2011Download PDF
02.05.2011Weekly Report 29 April 2011Download PDF
18.04.2011Weekly Report 15 April 2011Download PDF
11.04.2011Weekly Report 08 April 2011Download PDF
04.04.2011Weekly Report 01 April 2011Download PDF
28.03.2011Weekly Report 25 March 2011Download PDF
21.03.2011Weekly Report 18 March 2011Download PDF
14.03.2011Weekly Report 11 March 2011Download PDF
28.02.2011Weekly Report 25 February 2011Download PDF
21.02.2011Weekly Report 18 February 2011Download PDF
14.02.2011Weekly Report 11 February 2011Download PDF
07.02.2011Weekly Report 04 February 2011Download PDF
31.01.2011Weekly Report 28 January 2011Download PDF
24.01.2011Weekly Report 21 January 2011Download PDF
10.01.2011Weekly Report 07 January 2011Download PDF
20.12.2010Weekly Report 17 December 2010Download PDF
13.12.2010Weekly Report 09 December 2010Download PDF
06.12.2010Weekly Report 03 December 2010Download PDF
29.11.2010Weekly Report 26 November 2010Download PDF
22.11.2010Weekly Report 19 November 2010Download PDF
15.11.2010Weekly Report 12 November 2010Download PDF
08.11.2010Weekly Report 05 November 2010Download PDF
01.11.2010Weekly Report 29 October 2010Download PDF
25.10.2010Weekly Report 22 October 2010Download PDF
18.10.2010Weekly Report 15 October 2010Download PDF
11.10.2010Weekly Report 08 October 2010Download PDF
04.10.2010Weekly Report 01 October 2010Download PDF
20.09.2010Weekly Report 17 September 2010Download PDF
13.09.2010Weekly Report 10 September 2010Download PDF
07.09.2010Weekly Report 03 September 2010Download PDF
30.08.2010Weekly Report 27 August 2010Download PDF
23.08.2010Weekly Report 20 August 2010Download PDF
26.07.2010Weekly Report 23 July 2010Download PDF
19.07.2010Weekly Report 16 July 2010Download PDF
12.07.2010Weekly Report 09 July 2010Download PDF
05.07.2010Weekly Report 02 July 2010Download PDF
28.06.2010Weekly Report 25 June 2010Download PDF
14.06.2010Weekly Report 11 June 2010Download PDF
07.06.2010Weekly Report 04 June 2010Download PDF
31.05.2010Weekly Report 28 May 2010Download PDF
25.05.2010Weekly Report 21 May 2010Download PDF
17.05.2010Weekly Report 14 May 2010Download PDF
26.04.2010Weekly Report 23 April 2010Download PDF
19.04.2010Weekly Report 16 April 2010Download PDF
12.04.2010Weekly Report 09 April 2010Download PDF
29.03.2010Weekly Report 26 March 2010Download PDF
22.03.2010Weekly Report 19 March 2010Download PDF
15.03.2010Weekly Report 12 March 2010Download PDF
08.03.2010Weekly Report 05 March 2010Download PDF
01.03.2010Weekly Report 26 February 2010Download PDF
22.02.2010Weekly Report 19 February 2010Download PDF
15.02.2010Weekly Report 12 February 2010Download PDF
08.02.2010Weekly Report 05 February 2010Download PDF
01.02.2010Weekly Report 29 January 2010Download PDF
25.01.2010Weekly Report 22 January 2010Download PDF
18.01.2010Weekly Report 15 January 2010Download PDF
11.01.2010Weekly Report 08 January 2010Download PDF
14.12.2009Weekly Report 11 December 2009Download PDF
07.12.2009Weekly Report 04 December 2009Download PDF
23.11.2009Weekly Report 20 November 2009Download PDF
09.11.2009Weekly Report 6 November 2009Download PDF
19.10.2009Weekly Report 16 October 2009Download PDF
12.10.2009Weekly Report 09 October 2009Download PDF
28.09.2009Weekly Report 25 September 2009Download PDF
07.09.2009Weekly Report 04 September 2009Download PDF
31.08.2009Weekly Report 28 August 2009Download PDF
24.08.2009Weekly Report 21 August 2009Download PDF
17.08.2009Weekly Report 14 August 2009Download PDF
10.08.2009Weekly Report 07 August 2009Download PDF
03.08.2009Weekly Report 31 July 2009Download PDF
27.07.2009Weekly Report 24 July 2009Download PDF
29.06.2009Weekly Report 26 June 2009Download PDF
22.06.2009Weekly Report 19 June 2009Download PDF
15.06.2009Weekly Report 12 June 2009Download PDF
08.06.2009Weekly Report 05 June 2009Download PDF
01.06.2009Weekly Report 29 May 2009Download PDF
25.05.2009Weekly Report 22 May 2009Download PDF
18.05.2009Weekly Report 15 May 2009Download PDF
27.04.2009Weekly Report 24 April 2009Download PDF
21.04.2009Weekly Report 17 April 2009Download PDF
13.04.2009Weekly Report 09 April 2009Download PDF
06.04.2009Weekly Report 03 April 2009Download PDF
30.03.2009Weekly Report 27 March 2009Download PDF
23.03.2009Weekly Report 20 March 2009Download PDF
16.03.2009Weekly Report 13 March 2009Download PDF
09.03.2009Weekly Report 06 March 2009Download PDF
23.02.2009Weekly Report 20 Feb 2009Download PDF
16.02.2009Weekly Report 13 Feb 2009Download PDF
09.02.2009Weekly Report 02 Feb 2009Download PDF
02.02.2009Weekly Report 30 Jan 2009Download PDF
26.01.2009Weekly Report 23 Jan 2009Download PDF
19.01.2009Weekly Report 16 Jan 2009Download PDF
12.01.2009Weekly Report 09 Jan 2009Download PDF
15.12.2008Weekly Report 12 Dec 2008Download PDF
08.12.2008Weekly Report 05 Dec 2008Download PDF
01.12.2008Weekly Report 28 Nov 2008Download PDF
24.11.2008Weekly Report 21 Nov 2008Download PDF
17.11.2008Weekly Report 14 Nov 2008Download PDF
10.11.2008Weekly Report 07 Nov 2008Download PDF
03.11.2008Weekly Report 31 Oct 2008Download PDF
27.10.2008Weekly Report 24 Oct 2008Download PDF
20.10.2008Weekly Report 17 Oct 2008Download PDF
13.10.2008Weekly Report 10 Oct 2008Download PDF
06.10.2008Weekly Report 03 Oct 2008 Download PDF
26.09.2008Weekly Report 26 Sept 2008Download PDF
25.08.2008Weekly Report 22 Aug 2008Download PDF
18.08.2008Weekly Report 15 Aug 2008Download PDF
11.08.2008Weekly Report 08 Aug 2008Download PDF
04.08.2008Weekly Report 01 Aug 2008Download PDF

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