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Contents: Comprehensive business description and market position of companies planning and IPO/SPO; financial analysis, valuation and price targets, recommendations.

What are the benefits of this report?
  • In-depth understanding of the company making an IPO/SPO
  • Getting the picture of the context and environment of the event
  • Price according to different scenarios
  • Recommendations
Frequency: When major IPO/SPO is announced.

Download sample report

DateDocumentDownload PDF
11.02.2022Telematic Inetractive Bulgaria IPO Equity NoteDownload PDF
01.06.2020TBS Group - Public Offering and ValuationDownload PDF
11.06.2018Public Offering and ValuationDownload PDF
17.10.2016ALLTERCO - Public Offering and ValuationDownload PDF
13.11.2012SPEEDY - Public Offering and ValuationDownload PDF
26.10.2012CEZ - CEZ Distribution and CEZ ElectroDownload PDF
01.10.2012ENERGO-PRO - Energo-Pro Grid and Energo-Pro SalesDownload PDF
15.06.2012INTERSOLAR - Profile and valuationDownload PDF
19.12.2011EVN - EVN Elektrorazpredelenie and EVN ElektrosnabdiavaneDownload PDF
17.02.2011INVESTOR.BG - Short profile and valuationDownload PDF
10.12.2009ENEMONA - Warrants And Preferred Shares IssuesDownload PDF
07.05.2009CHIMIMPORT - Chimimport Capital IncreaseDownload PDF
18.02.2008SPARKY - IPO analysisDownload PDF
18.01.2008MEKOM - IPO analysisDownload PDF
10.12.2007ZARNENI HRANI BULGARIA - IPO analysisDownload PDF
21.11.2007ENEMONA - IPO analysisDownload PDF
22.10.2007TRACE GROUP HOLD - IPO analysisDownload PDF
19.07.2007DEVIN - IPO analysisDownload PDF
15.05.2007FIRST INVESTMENT BANK - IPO analysisDownload PDF
27.04.2007CORPORATE COMMERCIAL BANK - IPO analysisDownload PDF

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