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Corporate Earnings of Leading BG Companies

Contents: Analyses of quarterly financial reports of leading BG companies, the performance of their shares and market reaction.

What are the benefits of this report?
  • In-depth understanding of the stocks you invest in
  • A comprehensive view on performance and plans of the company you invest in
  • Understanding how the market perceives the company you invested in
  • Comparative information to help you compare investment with your other investments 
Frequency: Every quarter after the reports come out.

Download sample report

DateDocumentDownload PDF
06.10.2021Doverie United Holding(DUH BU) 6M'21 financial results review - Gaining momentum - BGN 10.19 per share intrinsic value Download PDF
23.09.2021Telelink Business Services Group (TBS BU) – H1'21 Results Analysis- BEATING EXPECTATIONS BUT AT A COST- BGN 20.53 per share intrinsic valueDownload PDF
03.09.2021Korado (KBG / 4KX BU) –Results analysis Q2'21 - RECORD HIGH REVENUES - HOLD - BGN 9.03 pps intrinsic valueDownload PDF
04.06.2021Korado (4KX)-Results Analysis Q1'21-THE GROWTH IS HERE, WHILE INFLATION IS LURKING-HOLD-BGN 7.57pps intrinsic value Download PDF
03.06.2021Telelink Business Services Group (TBS BU) – Q1'21 Results Analysis -Bargain at a discount- BGN 22.78 per share intrinsic valueDownload PDF
18.03.2021Korado (KBG / 4KX BU) Q4'20 financial results reviewDownload PDF
19.01.2021Monbat 9m 2020 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
21.12.2020Sopharma 9m 2020 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
11.12.2020Telelink Business Services Group 9m 2020 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
16.09.2020Korado Q2'20 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
14.09.2020Telelink Business Services Group H1 2020 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
30.06.2020Korado Q1'20 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
01.11.2019Elana Agrocredit 9M'19 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
02.10.2019Sopharma Trading H1'19 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
05.09.2019Korado H1'19 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
24.06.2019Korado Q1'19 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
24.05.2019Gradus FY2018 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
23.04.2019Sopharma FY2018 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
03.04.2019Korado FY2018 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
30.08.2018Korado H1'18 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
19.07.2018Sopharma Q1'18 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
15.05.2018Korado Q1'18 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
13.04.2018FY2017 financial results reviewDownload PDF
09.02.2018Korado FY2017 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
24.11.2017Monbat 1H17 Results ReviewDownload PDF
18.07.2017Sopharma Q1 2017 Results ReviewDownload PDF
15.05.2017ELANA Agrocredit FY2016 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
05.05.2017Monbat FY2016 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
06.04.2017Sopharma FY2016 Results ReviewDownload PDF
31.03.2017Sirma Group Holding - FY2016 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
20.01.2017Advance Terrafund 9M2016 Results ReviewDownload PDF
21.12.2016Sopharma Trading 9M16 Results ReviewDownload PDF
14.12.2016Sopharma 9M16 Results ReviewDownload PDF
07.12.2016Monbat 9M16 Results ReviewDownload PDF
04.10.2016Sirma Group Holding H1'16 results reviewDownload PDF
14.09.2016Monbat H1 2016 Results ReviewDownload PDF
04.08.2016Bulgarian Real Estate Fund REIT - H1 2016 Results ReviewDownload PDF
01.08.2016Sopharma Q2 2016 - Results reviewDownload PDF
11.07.2016Sopharma Trading - Q1 2016 Financial Results ReviewDownload PDF
20.05.2016Sopharma - Q1 2016 Results reviewDownload PDF
26.04.2016Sirma Group Holding FY2015 results reviewDownload PDF
16.02.2016Sopharma - Q4 2015 Results reviewDownload PDF
01.02.2016Corporate Earnings - Advance Terrafund, Q4 2015 Results reviewDownload PDF
10.12.2015Sopharma Trading - Q3 2015 Results overviewDownload PDF
13.11.2015Speedy - Q3 2015 Quarterly earningsDownload PDF
07.10.2015Agria Group Holding - Q2 2015 Results reviewDownload PDF
25.09.2015Corporate earnings - Eurohold Bulgaria Q2, 2015Download PDF
24.08.2015Corporate earnings - CEZ Distribution Q2, 2015Download PDF
20.08.2015Bulgartabac Holding - Q2 2015 Results reviewDownload PDF
13.08.2015Corporate earnings - Sopharma Q2, 2015Download PDF
05.08.2015Corporate earnings - Industrial Holding Bulgaria Q1,2015Download PDF
23.07.2015Corporate earnings - Agria Group Holding Q1,2015Download PDF
10.07.2015Corporate earnings - First investment bank Q1,2015Download PDF
29.06.2015Corporate earnings - Albena 1Q 2015 resultsDownload PDF
14.05.2015Corporate earnings - CEZ Distribution 1Q 2014 5resultsDownload PDF
29.04.2015Corporate earnings - Monbat FY 2014 resultsDownload PDF
22.04.2015Corporate earnings - Sopharma Trading in 2014Download PDF
15.04.2015Corporate earnings - Sopharma in 2014Download PDF
26.03.2015Corporate earnings - Agria in 2014Download PDF
18.03.2015Corporate earnings - Industrial Holding Bulgaria in 2014Download PDF
27.02.2015Corporate earnings - Albena in 2014Download PDF
28.11.2014Corporate earnings - Speedy 9M 2014Download PDF
13.11.2014Corporate earnings - Sopharma 9M 2014Download PDF
03.10.2014Corporate earnings - Albena in 1H 2014Download PDF
29.04.2014Corporate earnings - Neochim in 1Q 2014Download PDF
10.03.2014Corporate earnings - Sopharma in Q4 2013Download PDF
07.03.2014Corporate earnings - Monbat in Q4 2013Download PDF
05.12.2013Corporate earnings and valuation - MonbatDownload PDF
26.11.2013Corporate earnings and valuation - NeochimDownload PDF
21.03.2013Corporate earnings - Bulgartabac Holding - 2012Download PDF
14.03.2013Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 2012Download PDF
10.12.2012Corporate earnings - Central Cooperative Bank - 3Q 2012Download PDF
22.11.2012Corporate earnings - First investment Bank - 3Q 2012Download PDF
01.06.2012Corporate earnings - Monbat - 1Q 2012Download PDF
02.04.2012Corporate earnings - Sopharma - 2011Download PDF
26.03.2012Corporate earnings - Enemona - 2011Download PDF
14.03.2012Corporate earnings - Monbat - 2011Download PDF
09.03.2012Corporate earnings - Neochim - 2011Download PDF
02.03.2012Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 2011Download PDF
29.02.2012Corporate earnings - Alcomet - 2011Download PDF
23.02.2012Corporate earnings - Central Cooperative Bank - 2011Download PDF
21.02.2012Corporate earnings - First investment Bank - 2011Download PDF
31.01.2012Corporate earnings - M+S Hydraulic - 2011Download PDF
01.12.2011Corporate earnings - Central Cooperative Bank - 3Q 2011Download PDF
30.11.2011Corporate earnings - Neochim - 3Q 2011Download PDF
29.11.2011Corporate earnings - Corporate Commercial Bank - 3Q 2011Download PDF
24.11.2011Corporate earnings - First investment Bank - 3Q 2011Download PDF
30.09.2011Corporate earnings - Chimimport - 2Q 2011Download PDF
20.09.2011Corporate earnings - M+S Hydraulic - 2Q 2011Download PDF
08.09.2011Corporate earnings - Stara Planina Hold - 2Q 2011Download PDF
31.08.2011Corporate earnings - Monbat - 2Q 2011Download PDF
30.08.2011Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 2Q 2011Download PDF
04.08.2011Corporate earnings - Corporate Commercial Bank - 2Q 2011Download PDF
03.08.2011Corporate earnings - Neochim - 2Q 2011Download PDF
02.08.2011Corporate earnings - CCB - 2Q 2011Download PDF
27.06.2011Corporate earnings - Alcomet - 1Q 2011Download PDF
02.06.2011Corporate earnings - Enemona - 1Q 2011Download PDF
03.05.2011Corporate earnings - Neochim - 1Q 2011Download PDF
10.03.2011Corporate earnings - Orgachim - 2010Download PDF
09.03.2011Corporate earnings - M+S Hydraulic - 2010Download PDF
08.03.2011Corporate earnings - Chimimport - 2010Download PDF
07.03.2011Corporate earnings - Sopharma - 2010Download PDF
02.03.2011Corporate earnings - Monbat - 2010Download PDF
01.03.2011Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 2010Download PDF
25.02.2011Corporate earnings - Enemona - 2010Download PDF
10.02.2011Corporate earnings - First Investment Bank - 2010Download PDF
28.01.2011Corporate earnings - Neochim - 2010Download PDF
27.01.2011Corporate earnings - Bulgarian American Credit Bank - 2010Download PDF
04.12.2010Corporate earnings - Bulgarian American Credit Bank - 3Q 2010Download PDF
03.12.2010Corporate earnings - Chimimport - 3Q 2010Download PDF
02.12.2010Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 3Q 2010Download PDF
01.12.2010Corporate earnings - Monbat - 3Q 2010Download PDF
30.11.2010Corporate earnings - Sopharma - 3Q 2010Download PDF
29.11.2010Corporate earnings - Enemona - 3Q 2010Download PDF
28.11.2010Corporate earnings - Orgachim - 3Q 2010Download PDF
04.11.2010Corporate earnings - Corporate Commercial Bank - 3Q 2010Download PDF
03.11.2010Corporate earnings - Central Cooperative Bank - 3Q 2010Download PDF
30.08.2010Corporate earnings - Sopharma - 1H 2010Download PDF
05.08.2010Corporate earnings - Central Cooperative Bank - 2Q 2010Download PDF
04.08.2010Corporate earnings - First Investment Bank - 2Q 2010Download PDF
02.08.2010Corporate earnings - Bulgarian American Credit Bank - 2Q 2010Download PDF
30.07.2010Corporate earnings - Neochim - 2Q 2010Download PDF
29.07.2010Corporate earnings - Corporate Commercial Bank - 1H 2010Download PDF
30.04.2010Non-consolidated Reports - Sopharma - 1Q 2010Download PDF
29.04.2010Corporate earnings - Neochim - 1Q 2010Download PDF
28.04.2010Corporate earnings - Corporate Commercial Bank - 1Q 2010Download PDF
02.03.2010Corporate earnings - Chimimport - 2009Download PDF
28.02.2010Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 2009Download PDF
16.02.2010Corporate earnings - Sparky Eltos - 2009Download PDF
08.02.2010Corporate earnings - Bulgarian American Credit Bank - 2009Download PDF
07.02.2010Corporate earnings - Sopharma non-consolidated - 2009Download PDF
30.01.2010Corporate earnings - Corporate Commercial Bank - 2009Download PDF
29.01.2010Corporate earnings - Neochim - 2009Download PDF
02.12.2009Consolidated Reports - Chimimport - 3Q 2009Download PDF
01.12.2009Consolidated Reports - Sopharma and Monbat - 3Q 2009Download PDF
11.11.2009Corporate earnings - Monbat - 3Q 2009Download PDF
06.11.2009Corporate earnings - Central Cooperative Bank - 3Q 2009Download PDF
31.10.2009Corporate earnings - First Investment Bank - 3Q 2009Download PDF
30.10.2009Corporate earnings - Sopharma - 3Q 2009Download PDF
29.10.2009Corporate earnings - Albena - 3Q 2009Download PDF
28.10.2009Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 3Q 2009Download PDF
27.10.2009Corporate earnings - Neochim - 3Q 2009Download PDF
26.10.2009Corporate earnings - Bulgarian American Credit Bank - 3Q 2009Download PDF
15.10.2009Corporate earnings - Enemona - 1H 2009Download PDF
31.07.2009Corporate earnings - First Investment Bank - 1H 2009Download PDF
30.07.2009Corporate earnings - Devin - 1H 2009Download PDF
29.07.2009Corporate earnings - Sopharma - 1H 2009Download PDF
23.07.2009Corporate earnings - Bulgarian American Credit Bank- 1Q 2009Download PDF
05.06.2009Corporate earnings - Sopharma - 1Q 2009Download PDF
04.06.2009Corporate earnings - Chimimport - 1Q 2009Download PDF
30.04.2009Corporate earnings - Devin - 1Q 2009Download PDF
29.04.2009Corporate earnings - Neochim - 1Q 2009Download PDF
28.04.2009Corporate earnings - Bulgarian American Credit Bank- 1Q 2009Download PDF
24.04.2009Corporate Commercial Bank - 1Q 2009Download PDF
11.03.2009Corporate earnings - Industrialen Holding Bulgaria - 2008Download PDF
09.03.2009Corporate earnings - Chimimport - 2008Download PDF
25.02.2009Corporate earnings - Albena - 2008Download PDF
29.01.2009Corporate earnings - First Investment Bank - 2008Download PDF
21.01.2009Corporate earnings - Central Cooperative Bank - 2008Download PDF
11.12.2008Prognosis - Monbat - 2009 Download PDF
02.12.2008Corporate earnings - Eurohold Bulgaria - 3Q 2008Download PDF
28.11.2008Corporate earnings - Synergon Holding - 3Q 2008Download PDF
04.11.2008Corporate earnings - Alcomet - 3Q 2008Download PDF
31.10.2008Corporate earnings - Albena - 3Q 2008Download PDF
30.10.2008Corporate earnings - Odessos - 3Q 2008Download PDF
29.10.2008Corporate earnings - Kaolin - 3Q 2008Download PDF
28.10.2008Corporate earnings - Sparky Eltos - 3Q 2008Download PDF
27.10.2008Corporate earnings - Neochim - 3Q 2008Download PDF
06.08.2008Corporate earnings 1H 2008Download PDF
23.05.2008Corporate earnings 1Q 2008Download PDF
01.02.2008Corporate earnings 2007Download PDF
07.11.2007Corporate earnings 3Q 2007Download PDF

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