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Contents: A selection of prospective stocks on the Bulgarian Stock Exchange on quarterly basis and a detailed analysis of those favourite picks.

 What are the benefits of this report?
  • Comprehensive snapshot of the best performers on the Bulgarian stock market during the quarter;
  • Understanding the factors for the performance of the companies selected as quarterly favourites;
  • Forecasts on stocks performance.
Frequency: Quarterly.

Download sample report

DateDocumentDownload PDF
11.05.2017Bulgarian Equity Strategy May 2017Download PDF
30.11.2016Bulgarian Equity Strategy - November 2016Download PDF
10.04.2013Monthly Bulletin - March 2013Download PDF
06.03.2013Monthly Bulletin - February 2013Download PDF
11.10.2012Monthly Bulletin - September 2012Download PDF
10.07.2012Monthly Bulletin - June 2012Download PDF
07.06.2012Monthly Bulletin - May 2012Download PDF
10.04.2012Monthly Bulletin - March 2012Download PDF
08.03.2012Monthly Bulletin - February 2012Download PDF
11.01.2012Monthly Bulletin - January 2012Download PDF
12.10.2011Monthly Bulletin - September 2011Download PDF
12.09.2011Monthly Bulletin - August 2011Download PDF
12.07.2011Monthly Bulletin - June 2011Download PDF
10.06.2011Monthly Bulletin - May 2010Download PDF
07.04.2011Monthly Bulletin - March 2010Download PDF
17.01.2011Monthly Bulletin - December 2010Download PDF
07.12.2010Monthly Bulletin - November 2010Download PDF
09.11.2010Monthly Bulletin - October 2010Download PDF
05.10.2010Monthly Bulletin - September 2010Download PDF
14.05.2010Monthly Bulletin - May 2010Download PDF
12.04.2010Monthly Bulletin - April 2010Download PDF
05.03.2010Monthly Bulletin - March 2010Download PDF
05.10.2009Monthly Bulletin - September 2009Download PDF
04.06.2009Monthly Bulletin - May 2009Download PDF
12.05.2009Monthly Bulletin - April 2009Download PDF
13.03.2009Monthly Bulletin - February 2009Download PDF
10.02.2009Monthly Bulletin - January 2008Download PDF
13.11.2008Monthly Bulletin - October 2008Download PDF
06.10.2008Monthly Bulletin - September 2008Download PDF
05.09.2008Monthly Bulletin - August 2008Download PDF

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